Shoresh Mobasheri

About Me

Miran(Shoresh)  Mobasheri


BornIran – Mahabad – 1981



Institute for promotion of contemporary visual ART Islamic Republic of Iran

Member of iranian Cultural Heritage Photographers Society

Member of National Iranian Photographer's Society

Member of iranian Advertising & Industrial Photographers Association

Member of FIAP International Federation of Photography


Photograph reading and international judgment diploma from the International Federation of Photographers

Teacher of photography at the Art Institute Sharveh


Shoresh Mobasheri, is in an Iranian photographer, best known for his award winning images of Travel, Landscape, wildlife and native culture in several international photography festivals.Shoresh was born in 1981 in Mahabad-Iran, and currently lives and works in Tehran-Iran. Initially he studied and received a Bachelor of Business Administration. At the early stages of his professional career, after years of exercising the art of photography as an  artist, he decided to follow his passion and began his career as a freelance photographer