The general rules of the site

All material rights and contents of this site belong to Shoresh Mobashery and I am solely obligated to submit the works that I am creating and owning the intellectual property and permission to sell it, and submit it for sale on the site and otherwise commit myself. I am also compensating for the damage to the buyer and possible claimants.

As well as ensuring the quality of the print and produce the effect of the purchase

Publishing and copying of the works on the site is only allowed by mentioning the source and its noncompliance with the publisher of legal prosecution.

The rules of the purchase of artwork

  • Please be careful in choosing the effect and details of your order. According to the printing and production of any work with the dimensions and tools requested by the buyer, it will not be possible to cancel, modify or return the order.
  • The buyer of the work will not allow any copy, reproduction or production on the purchased item.

Educational rules

  • The student is required to attend regular classes. Student absence, cost and opportunity lost, and is not the responsibility of the servant.
  • For many reasons in the field of education, the possibility of moving classes for me is reserved. Obviously the notification changes will be.